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Find out how to prescribe CHAMPIX (varenicline tartrate) for smoking cessation.1,2 This content is for UK healthcare professionals.

As a healthcare professional you play a vital role in helping people who smoke to quit.

  • Most people who smoke make multiple quit attempts before they finally succeed.3
    Many will have failed in previous efforts to quit using willpower and over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy before seeking professional help.3

  • What if you could increase their chances of quitting?
    With professional support people who smoke are four times more likely to stop smoking successfully than with willpower alone.4

This website has been prepared to help you decide whether you want to use CHAMPIX to help your patients who smoke to quit smoking. Here you can access information on the mode of action of CHAMPIX, together with key clinical trial data and the results of real-world studies demonstrating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of CHAMPIX.

> Watch a video for the Champix dual mode of action

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PP-CHM-GBR-2457. November 2018

CHAMPIX Information for Healthcare Professionals