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Accessing the safety profile of Champix (varenicline), looking at the results from largest comparative randomised controlled trial of approved smoking cessation medications (EAGLES).1

This study involved 8,144 smokers with or without a psychiatric disorder diagnosis1†

The most common psychiatric disorders in the EAGLES study psychiatric cohort were:

  • primary affective disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • psychotic disorders
  • personality disorders1

Champix was not associated with a significantly increased neuropsychiatric safety risk vs. placebo.1

Please refer to the warnings and precautions section of the website.

The infographic below explains the smoking cessation study in more detail:

†Patients had to be considered clinically table for inclusion (i.e no exacerbations ≤ 6 months; on table treatment ≥ 3 months; with no treatment change anticipated during the study).1
Psychiatric: RD=1.59 (95% Cl, -0.42 to 3.59) Non-psychiatric: RD=-1.28 (95% Cl, -2.40 to -0.15)1


PP-CHM-GBR-1775. April 2018.

CHAMPIX safety profile