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Champix varenicline has a specific dual mode of action that blocks nicotine to help break the addiction cycle in smokers1

Champix supports your patients on their smoking cessation journey.2-7

Champix is a partial agonist at the α4β2 nicotine acetylcholine receptor1

It's dual mode of action helps your patients with the symptoms associated with nicotine cravings and withdrawal.2-5

Action 1
Champix blocks nicotine to reduce the positive reinforcements of smoking1-4,6,7 - including enhanced mood or mental physical functioning.6

Action 2
Champix releases reduced levels of dopamine compared to nicotine1,2,6,7 to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.1-3,6,7

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PP-CHM-GBR-1772. April 2018.

How CHAMPIX varenicline works