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Help your patients quit their way

Champix can help your adult patients who smoke to stop in a way that works for them1. With Champix, smokers can choose how they want to quit; abruptly or gradually quit smoking1,2,3.


Did you know? 44% of smokers planning to quit in the next 12 months would prefer to quit gradually4


Supporting your patients who are ready to quit smoking

  • Most smokers make at least six quit attempts before they are successful, with some trying as many as 30 times before they are able to completely stop smoking5.
  • Smokers are four times more likely to quit with the support of a healthcare professional than with willpower alone6


Remind patients that Champix is a 12 week course:

Patients that adhere to the 12 week course of Champix have significantly higher rate of abstinence compared to those who completed less than 2 weeks of treatment7.

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