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Allow your patients to quit smoking on their terms with CHAMPIX with 3 proven methods to quit1:


For patients who want to put down their cigarettes in a week1.

Day 0: Start taking Champix. Set a quit date at day 8.



For patients who want more time to put down their cigarettes. A flexible quit date between days 8-35 is as effecive as quiting abruptly1,2

Day 0: Start taking Champix. Set a quit date between days 8 and 35.

For patients who have successfully stopped smoking at the end of 12 weeks, an additional course of 12 weeks' treatment with CHAMPIX is recommended to further increase the likelihood of long term abstinence. Patients that adhere to the 12-week course of CHAMPIX have a significantly higher rate of abstinence3


Champix also allows patients to quit gradually, reducing smoking over the first 24 weeks of treatment and quitting by the end of the treatment period1,4.


Timeline Dosage
Day 0 Start taking Champix
Week 4 Reduce smoking by baseline 50% during weeks 1-4
Week 8 Reduce smoking by an additional 50% during weeks 5-8
Week 12 Continue reducing with the goal of reaching complete abstinence by week 12
  Continue taking Champix for an additional 12 weeks
Week 24 Stop taking Champix

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Different ways to quit with CHAMPIX varenicline