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The results from the EAGLES* study mean you can recommend Champix varenicline for smokers looking to quit, with confidence.

Over 12 weeks of treatment with 12-week non-treatment follow up, in 8,144 smokers with or without a diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, EAGLES has shown that CHAMPIX (varenicline) has:

  • No significantly increased neuropsychiatric (NPS) safety risk vs. placebo, in smokers with or without a history of psychiatric disorders1
  • Significantly superior continuous abstinence rates vs. bupropion, NRT patch (NiQuitin® 21mg, with taper) and placebo at weeks 9-12 and 9-24 in both cohorts1

CHAMPIX was not associated with a significantly increased risk of NPS adverse events vs. placebo in smokers with or without a history of psychiatric disorders.†1.

Champix safety

CHAMPIX information for Smoking Cessation Advisors

.  April 2021

For Smokers prescribed Champix (varenicline tartrate), Smoking Cessation Advisors and Health Professionals only.

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