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As a SMOKING CESSATION ADVISOR we recognise the important role you play in helping smokers to achieve their quitting goals. Here's some information we hope will be helpful to you in supporting smokers, as they navigate their quit journey.

Taking the opportunity to help motivate and support smokers to quit:

Using Very Brief Advice (VBA) with a smoker can help them gain the motivation to quit.   

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) has training modules on VBA. 


Access the modules 


Helping smokers with long term conditions, to quit:

It's important to take every opportunity to advise smokers with long term conditions on the benefits of quitting. 


About Champix:

Champix is indicated for smoking cessation over an initial period of 12 weeks. This short video explains how Champix works:



Champix® (varenicline tartrate) information for smoking cessation advisors

CHAMPIX information for Smoking Cessation Advisors

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 October 2021

For Smokers prescribed Champix (varenicline tartrate), Smoking Cessation Advisors and Health Professionals only.

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